Nigeria Documentary Photographer || Woman in a Fish Market

Hi and welcome to my Documentary and Street Photography blog. I’m looking forward to sharing lots of different images with you, so please do keep stopping by. I thought I would start off with a recent image of a market woman from the Epe fish market. I just love the look on her face as she sits there holding a fish head. It reminds me of the victorious look of a warrior standing over his latest victim.



admin - Haha – I had nothing to do with her pose. She just grabbed the fish head and said do you want to take my picture and I was like ok. And she assumed the position. These women are quite interesting and I hope to be able to do a series on them in the near future.

The Relentless Builder - Wow! Your description is apt. I actually thought it was a model until I read your description. That ‘thing’ in her hand does not look like a fish head at all. How did you get her to pose for this? It looks like a movie scene, and yes, she looks like a warrior.

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